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Express Orders

Faster Turnaround, Added Value

Our standard turnaround time is 12 business days from order confirmation. But if your order is on a tight schedule, our Express Order service is here to help. Rushing an order generally ads 25 to 50% to the price, more for 24H services

Rapid Delivery Capability

Quick Turnaround: In cases where time is of the essence, we have the capacity to supply hundreds of t-shirts, hoodies, polos within 3 to 4 days, or even 24H in some cases.

Why Express Orders Cost More

Priority Service: Express Orders receive top priority. We halt our regular production to focus on your order, ensuring it’s completed swiftly and to your satisfaction.

Urgent Garment Procurement:

To fulfill your order quickly, we need to get the right garments (like t-shirts and hoodies) from our supplier. Normally, these garments come to us by road, which is slower and more affordable. But for urgent orders, we have to use a faster method like express air freight.

Instead of sending the garments by regular road delivery, we have to use something called an “express air satchel. ” This is like a super-fast delivery method that ensures the clothes reach us quickly. However, because it’s so fast, it costs us more, and that additional cost is reflected in the total price of your express order. We do this to make sure your order is completed on time. While it adds to the expense, it guarantees you get your custom clothing as fast as possible.

Overtime and Weekend Work: Our dedicated team goes the extra mile by working overtime or during the weekends to ensure your order is ready on time.

Alternative Garment Options: If your preferred garment isn’t available for express order, we’ll provide suitable alternatives that can meet your deadline and maintain the quality you expect.

Payment Terms
Full Advance Payment: Express Orders are to be paid in full in advance. This helps us expedite the process and guarantee your order’s prompt delivery.

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